We’re collecting the “narrative” posts here — writing about writing and books. Most of these will probably be written by Jeff, but we’ll see.

Stories Jeff’s Gotten Published
Page 2, Paragraph 25: a piece of flash fiction about Edgar Allan Poe I got published on The Drabble (submissions have to be under 100 words). And here is the link to the Batch & Narrative post introducing the story: In Brief: Edgar Allan Poe “Story” Published

Writing about Books and Short Stories
My Favorite Novel: Ella Minnow Pea: a bit on lipograms and the best novel ever written
A Wrinkle in Time (and Bedsheets): thoughts on the 1963 novel and Oprah
O. Henry’s Best Short Story: this post is about “A Retrieved Reformation”

Alas, Poor Yorick (Valentine’s Present): A little bit about teaching HS English
Ain’t No Party Like a Shakespeare Party: it’s true