We’re collecting a lot of the “Narrative” posts here — writing about writing and books. Most of these will probably be written by Jeff, but we’ll see.

Writing about Short Stories
Feeling Very Strange P3: A Fantastic (Scifi?) Short Story Collection: Final thoughts
“Sea Oak,” a Story (and a Cancelled Amazon Show) from Feelings Very Strange (P2): More thoughts on a famous slipstream anthology
Feeling Very Strange P1: the Anthology I’m reading, NOT my Current State of Mind: Thoughts on reading a collection of slipstream stories
Moving my Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine Collection: A long process, ha ha!
The Only Two Pieces of Fan Fiction I Have Ever Enjoyed: On works written by Stephen King and Andy Weir, respectively
O. Henry’s Best Short Story: Why you should read “A Retrieved Reformation”

Writing about Books and Novels
Great Movie, Solid Book, Two Awful TitlesAll You Need is Kill and Edge of Tomorrow
Book Club Does KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL: Perhaps this should be in the “Batch” section?
Stephen King’s Post-Accident Slow-Burn FROM A BUICK 8: A book review of sorts
Hernan Diaz’s In the Distance = Frankenstein: Which is fine
What The Road to Dune has to do with Martin Scorsese… and Alfred Hitchcock: The title explains it all
Used Book Sale Book Haul: The first of many such posts, I hope
The Best Book I’ve Read in 2018: Lincoln in the Bardo: Seriously worth checking out 
Reading and Teaching The Stranger: Part 2 on The Stranger
On Translating and Reading Camus’s The Stranger: Part 1 on The Stranger
Back from an Alaskan Honeymoon (Where I Found a Rare Stephen King Book!): another one where the title says it all
Finding and Reading the Original Star Wars Novelization: It doesn’t exactly make me want to read anything else by Alan Dean Foster
Stephen King Book Collection: A post about Stephen King book collecting, of course
My First Two Graphic Novels: Jake says I should also check out Saga and Akira
Two Novels Like Ready Player One: About Snow Crash and Neuromancer
My Favorite Novel: Ella Minnow Pea: A bit on lipograms and the best novel ever written
A Wrinkle in Time (and Bedsheets): Thoughts on the 1963 novel and Oprah

Writing about Plays
Describe Lady Macbeth in Just One Word: Part 1 on Macbeth
Explain the Porter Monologue in Macbeth or Just Skip Over It?: Part 2 on Macbeth
Macbeth, and a Question: Is Hamilton Worth the Hype?: Part 3 on Macbeth
Final Thoughts on Teaching Macbeth: The Films: Part 4 on Macbeth

Writing about Things Related to Writing
Short Story Rejections in 2019: My success rate at getting paid for ficito is about 6%
Behold, the Pernicious Comma Splice: A “sequel” to “Behold, the Humble Dash
My Experience with Speeches: On giving, and listening to, oratory
Some of my Favorite Scifi Podcasting Magazines: One of these should be publishing me soon!
99 English Essays to Grade, 99 English Essays to Grade: The life of an English teacher
Course Evals and My Students Love Carrots: The ‘ole carrot-and-stick method
My (Strange) Travel Guest Posts: About two posts on Everyday Strange blog
Visiting a Library Archive: Where Jeff’s sister works, in Denver, CO
Gigantic Book Donation (Or, What Books Were Bestsellers in 1960?): Title says all
Short Story Rejections in 2018: About this, as well as getting a job
In Brief: St. Pat’s Book Club: On The Last Ballad, and being a bad book club member
Behold, the Humble Dash: All about my favorite grammar mark
Alas, Poor Yorick (Valentine’s Present): A little bit about teaching HS English
Ain’t No Party Like a Shakespeare Party: It’s true