We’re collecting a lot of the “Narrative” posts here — writing about writing and books. Most of these will probably be written by Jeff, but we’ll see.

Writing about Short Stories
The Only Two Pieces of Fan Fiction I Have Ever Enjoyed: on works written by Stephen King and Andy Weir, respectively
O. Henry’s Best Short Story: why you should read “A Retrieved Reformation”

Writing about Books and Plays
The Best Book I’ve Read in 2018: Lincoln in the Bardo: seriously worth checking out 
Post one and post two about teaching “Macbeth”: the best Shakespeare play to teach
On Translating and Reading Camus’s The Stranger and Reading and Teaching The Stranger (Deuxième Partie) (Part Two!): thoughts on what we’re doing in class
Back from an Alaskan Honeymoon (Where I Found a Rare Stephen King Book!): the title says it all
Finding and Reading the Original Star Wars Novelization: It doesn’t exactly make me want to read anything else by Alan Dean Foster
Stephen King Book Collection: a post about Stephen King book collecting, of course
My First Two Graphic Novels: Jake says I should also check out Saga and Akira
Two Novels Like Ready Player One: about Snow Crash and Neuromancer
My Favorite Novel: Ella Minnow Pea: a bit on lipograms and the best novel ever written
A Wrinkle in Time (and Bedsheets): thoughts on the 1963 novel and Oprah

Writing about Things Related to Writing
My (Strange) Travel Guest Posts: about two posts on Everyday Strange blog
Visiting a Library Archive: where Jeff’s sister works, in Denver, CO
Gigantic Book Donation (Or, What Books Were Bestselling 1960-Present): title says all
In Brief: St. Pat’s Book Club: on The Last Ballad and being a bad book club member
Behold, the Humble Dash: all about my favorite grammar mark
Alas, Poor Yorick (Valentine’s Present): a little bit about teaching HS English
Ain’t No Party Like a Shakespeare Party: it’s true