“Better Than a Vintage Marshall” Published in THE DRABBLE (100 words)

The Drabble just published my short piece “Better Than a Vintage Marshall,” which you can read by clicking here. And now this is my fourth publication with my very favorite 100-words-or-less online magazine. So please, check The Drabble out—they’re part of my daily reading, and better minds than mine often put together some really clever things on their site.

Now as for “Marshall,” this story is a little saccharine, but I’m happy it was accepted. The work itself involved a fair amount of music-related research, which was fun. Or, as much research as a 100 word “story” can require (I don’t really play anything, so I had to look up a lot of instrument brands). This is also writing where I don’t know where the central idea came from. The conceit popped into my head while driving to work, so I wrote the last sentence down on a napkin, and then later I put the rest of it into place.  Working backwards seems to be my M.O. for these shorter pieces, and that I find pretty fun.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and happy March everyone!

–Jeff and Leah

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