We’re Jeff and Leah Hunt. We’re newly married, and this is our blog, Batch & Narrative.

Leah writes a lot of the “batch” posts; recipes and writing about food and nutrition. Jeff writes a lot of the “narrative” posts; writing about teaching English, books, plus a bit of “everything else.” There’s a little more explanation in a rare recipe by Jeff (how to make stove-top popcorn), and if you want to know more about us below are a few posts, ordered chronologically, about explains a bit more.

Welcome to North Carolina!: how a guy from Oregon and a gal from Massachusetts wound up in North Carolina (our very first post!)
Settling in a New City: all about our home, Greensboro (NC’s third largest city)
Why We Don’t Live Under a Water Tower: a brief look into apartment hunting
Renting a U-Haul is Much Harder Than Renting a DVD: moving is not always easy
We Live in a Mill: all about life in a flannel mill

We’re trying to try and update this blog every-other day or so, so check back often. Also, check the “Batch” page for recipes (mainly Leah) and the “Narrative” page for whatever else is going on (mainly Jeff, and hopefully you’ll find the posts funny). There’s additionally some good posts in the general feed, like one on hiking with llamas and another about mixing up toothbrushes.

We’re new to this, so we welcome suggestions—please leave us some comments. All pictures are taken by us. Enjoy!

–Jeff and Leah