In Brief: Fifty(ish) Blog Posts!

Leah and I recently passed fifty blog posts! This here, if you were curious, is number sixty-four, meaning we missed that “golden anniversary” some time ago. To be fair, however, WordPress tallies posts under my name and posts under Leah’s name separately, so it wasn’t until last night that I added them all up and made this neat discovery. And so now, what have we learned since starting this blogging adventure? Well, it’s been a really fun (almost) six months. Also, I’ve learned I have a little less self-control than I previously thought. Or, to put it another way, have you noticed that our blog’s been a little sparse of late?

When we started this blog it was the middle of winter and we had the time to make a post every-other day. I thought once, “We should save up posts for when we’re busy.” But instead I always hit the publish button every day, immediately after writing something and now, in the heat of end-of-the-school year grading, there’s hardly time to do much else. Also, Leah and I have learned that there are a lot of nice people out in the world; friends and family who read and comment on our blog, North Carolinians who have taken an interest in what we’re up to, and total internet strangers who have proved to be wonderful (seriously check out Everyday Strange). So it’s been a lot of fun overall. Here’s to fifty-ish more posts!

–Jeff and Leah

Picture from a railroad overpass, which we found randomly on a walk

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