Back from Spring Break on the Oregon Coast!

Cannon Beach — (the main rock is much, much bigger)

Leah and I just got back from the Oregon coast. So hopefully this explains why the ole’ blog hasn’t had too many updates recently. Also, it looks like we’ll be moving soon (more on that in the coming weeks!), though we’ll be staying in the same general area.

So why the Oregon coast, and especially since Leah and I live in North Carolina? Well, that’s where I (Jeff) was born and raised. I went to school, K-12 in Oregon, but after that it was off to California—I didn’t want to go to college in never-ending rain. The coast in my home state is a treasure, and Leah and I stayed in Rockaway, a city in the northern region. Rockaway is about an hour-and-a-half drive South down highway 101 (or “the 101,” as Californians might say) from Astoria, which is always a fun city to visit. Astoria is also home of The Goonies, and other films have been set/filmed there, like Kindergarden Cop and Short Circuit. Other time was spent at Cannon Beach, in Tillamook, and around a few other, smaller coastal villages.

Here we go (it was a bright day!)

ANYWAY, we’ll have to write more on it later, but fear not, we’re still alive and kicking. If you’re a teacher like me—or a dietitian like Leah—I hope your Spring Breaks have gone well. Now with that said, today, on April 2nd, if you can believe it the weather was snow for about four hours here in Greensboro. The whole time we were back in Oregon people asked me about the weather in North Carolina, and I kept saying “It’s like here, though a bit warmer.” BUT IT SNOWED TODAY! Is that even allowed…?

–Jeff and Leah

5 thoughts on “Back from Spring Break on the Oregon Coast!

    1. For whatever reason, Roackaway is my parents’ very favorite spot (I liked it, too). The center is now COMPLETE, and post coming about it in about 10 minutes!


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