“Mr. DeShaw’s Sculpture” Published in MYSTERY WEEKLY MAGAZINE (5,987 words)

Mystery Weekly Magazine published my story “Mr. DeShaw’s Sculpture” in their February issue. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, and you can look at a preview of it on their website here or buy the physical issue (or a Kindle issue) through Amazon.

And that’s interesting—this is my first physical publication, and the first publication notice I’ve ever put up that doesn’t have a link to the entire text. I’m really happy to be “moving up” in terms of where I’m getting fiction placed, and I love Mystery Weekly Magazine. So please, check it out if you’re interested. The story is a comedy, and about a man who dies and leaves behind an obscene sculpture in his yard. At first his neighbors want to get rid of it, but as time goes on, it seems like they actually shouldn’t. Though the question remains: why was the sculpture erected in the first place?

I don’t know where I got the story idea, except in January of 2019 I was flying from my parent’s house in Oregon to Leah and I’s house in North Carolina. I had a few hours layover in the Minnesota airport, and for some reason this story popping into my head. So I started writing it there. I’d also recently spent some time in Florida, where my father-in-law lives, and the state seemed like a perfect setting for the idea. So I guess you could say “Mr. DeShaw’s Sculpture” was partially inspired by holiday traveling.

Hopefully, more traveling sparks more story ideas, and I’ll continue to write in airports whenever I get the chance! If you read this, tell me what you think. And happy February!

–Jeff and Leah

Some day I hope to inspire the cover art!

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