A Beautiful Alaskan Summer Day

So kudos to Leah for keeping blog alive. Which begs the question, “What has Jeff been up to?” Well I’ve been up to a lot, though most recently I was traveling in Alaska. My mom is from AK, and back in the winter my grandmother passed away. It was a sad event, and one lacking a bit of closure. Though she led a full life, my grandmother was an Alaskan true-and-through. Meaning she wanted to be buried in the great 49th state, and burials cannot happen in Alaska when the ground is frozen solid. So I just returned from my grandmother’s interment, and it was a lovely ceremony. It was also the first time in decades that the entirety of my mother’s extended family gathered in one place, and after the interment we had a nice lakeside family BBQ.

Before that I was driving my sister’s things between Denver and Oregon. She just graduated with her MLIS in Library Science (anyone who works at a library hiring?), so then, of course, before that I was in Denver watching a VERY long graduation ceremony. Before that I was wrapping up school, which included kicking off our graduation ceremony with a speech (more on that to come), and BEFORE THAT I was leading our tennis team to the state tournament. And if you were curious on how we did, our team were eliminated in the second round of play, which wasn’t bad at all. Interesting fact: we were eliminated by a Friends school—go Quakers! Like students at all Friends school, the opposing players were super nice.

So the life of an English teacher, grandson, and part-time tennis coach/writer can get busy. Also coming up: stories on Leah and I’s first house, which we purchased and moved into Easter weekend (so no more #milllife). That has been an adventure worth a hundred blog posts, though I’ll try and spare everyone and keep it to one. Anyway, coming soon, and hope everyone is having a great summer! Ours is good so far, and if you have a little time this week, go give your grandmother a big hug.

–Jeff and Leah

It WAS a beautiful Alaskan summer day

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Alaskan Summer Day

  1. Sorry for your loss and congrats with the new house. My granddad is still plugging away and I will try and visit him soon as you suggest.
    Have not experienced Alaska except on TV. I might, at some point, do a blog post on the best films set in that region.

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