Snowed In Away From Home… Again!

Leah and I traveled to the mountains outside of Boone, NC for the weekend. We thought we’d get a blog post up on Sunday, after getting back, or on Monday… but we ended up getting snowed in. We were trapped in our cabin—with plenty of food, games, and the internet, i.e. the essentials—so it was all fine. But rain, then snow, in combination with 2 degree Fahrenheit temperatures and 60 mph winds made it completely impossible for us to get out the approximately one hundred foot-long and very steep driveway. It was a compacted ice sheet, and that was a no-go.

What’s weird is that being snowed in is becoming habitual. As we wrote about earlier, last month we attending a wedding that went “longer than planned.” Being trapped in the hotel after the wedding was a lot of fun, and being trapped over this long weekend was fun again, though it’s nice to finally be back, and for a bit there we were anxious. We eventually got the driveway salted and graveled, and Leah and I spread fireplace ashes over the steep drive before that, which actually worked quite well. Now, what would be better in the future: chains. We didn’t think we’d need them in temperate NC, but after two trapped-by-snow incidents, I think they make a wise purchase!

–Jeff and Leah

Sunset was chilly… and beautiful

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