In Brief: Back from an Alaskan Honeymoon (Where I Found a Rare Stephen King Book!)

If there hasn’t been a lot of recent blog activity, Leah and I just got back from our honeymoon. Yes, we got married a year ago, but it was an ultra-quick family affair with neither of us taking time off. And by “a ago year,” I should actually say “eleven months and two weeks ago,” because our real anniversary is right around the corner. AND BOY AM I EXCITED about the wedding cake saved in the freezer. Everyone always says it isn’t good, but we quadruple wrapped our cake in tin foil and plastic, and since our wedding cake was pretty darn fantastic then, I have a feeling that the frozen cake now will at least be halfway decent.

But anyway, we went to Alaska. After finishing up a final post on the “Wild Wild Country,” you’ll get to hear all about seeing moose, and feeding caribou, and not feeding bear, and going up mountain trams, and having snowball fights (really), and taking to the water in the Homer Sound. Also, we ate a lot of seafood. It was a FANTASTIC trip, and a great escape from the North Carolina heat and humidity. Also, in a used bookstore, I found a Richard Bachman book, which was fantastic. So pictures and stories from “the Last Frontier” coming soon!

–Jeff and Leah

If you don’t want to read about my Stephen King book collection, “Richard Bachman” was King’s pen name, and though this copy of Thinner isn’t in great shape, I was tickled to find an original 

10 thoughts on “In Brief: Back from an Alaskan Honeymoon (Where I Found a Rare Stephen King Book!)

  1. Congrats on having an Alaska honeymoon. It’s my favorite place to go. Were I much younger I think I could live there permanently. Been there five times. Most recent was one year ago this week. Had perfect weather. However that wasn’t typical. I say if you care about weather being a distraction, don’t go. My Photoblog has lots of images.

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    1. Ha ha, I hear you on weather. I go up frequently because my mom is from there, and it can be VERY hit and miss, though always a good time. Where are your favorite places to go?


      1. Favorite places been to. In 2007 we were fortunate to go on two-week 100 pax cruise ship from Whittier to Kodiak, Katmai National Park, to Dutch Harbor to the Pribilof Islands, Nunavik Island, St Lawrence Island, three days in Eastern Siberia Russia, then ending in Nome. Interacting with the Native Americans we visited was a tremendous experience. The Russians were especially friendly. This was truly a trip of a lifetime. We also love Prince William sound. Close to Anchorage is Hatcher Pass recreational area. We saw from there the entire Alaska Range 200 miles away from Summit Lake there around 4000 feet elevation. And of course Danali Is a must see in all its beauty. In 2000 it was clear for as far as we could see there. Took a fixed wing flight up and around the peaks. Got so close it was like we could reach out and touch the cliffs. Inside Passage from Seattle up to Juneau, again on small ship 60 Pax was really exciting. Kayaking, wildlife, landscape views close up. All wonderful. Our grandson is stationed in Kodiak with the Cosst Guard so we have been closer to the region because of that. His Mom just returned from a visit. She teaches third grade in Eden, NC 15 miles from us. It’s nice you also have relatives with an Alaska background. I’m sure you love it as much as we do. I’ve provably made my last trip that way, due to age and health issues. But we feel blessed we’ve seen so much. One regret is not going “rugged” into the bush, staying at renote camps. Alas, there’s always something else in life. Enjoy the year old wedding cake!

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        1. Those sound like amazing experiences. I have been to some of those places (we just did Hatcher, for instance, and Denali when I was younger) but I still haven’t made it to Kodiak. Holy smokes, the breadth of the things you have done!

          I am most impressed by the Russia visit. I know a few people who have gone on the AK cruises, but not one who has ever seen Eastern Siberia. I wonder how common that is? I want to ask around, but my guess is not too common. That is amazing!

          We live in Greensboro, NC, but have only lived in the state for a year and a half — I’m going to look up Eden right now. Thank you so much for this reply. What a great list of future things for Leah and I to see/do!

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        2. Our ship was the only one that went to Eastern Siberia from Alaska. The cruise line went out of business during the latest economic turndown plus their tendency to try to do too much. They also cruised the South Pacific and were planning to expand from Alaska to Japan. We were lucky to catch them before all that. Some on the crew predicted the demise.

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        3. Glad you got it in before it was too late! And that would explain why I haven’t heard much about that type of trip. It really sounds special.

          Maybe another company will try it again someday….


    1. Cool! We’ll try to post more frequently, and if you ever want to chat more specifically, drop us a line (my relatives all live up there was it was Leah’s first visit, but perhaps my 10th or 15th).

      You’re going to have fun!

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