A Brief Open Mic Night Update

If anyone was curious, my first reading at an open mic went well! I wasn’t quite sure how it would go, so I read a story that I’d already finished—Everyone’s Favorite Couple, which was published last year. It came out to three minutes at a steady pace, which fit pretty well in the allotted seven minute time frame.

No one took a pic, so we’ll pretend this is it!

There were about twenty people in attendance, and the crowd was very encouraging. About half of the other readers read what were probably completed stories or poems, while the other half of people did “works in progress.” This is something I’ve been thinking about all day; is it best to do a work in progress? There wasn’t any feedback session, but perhaps “working things out, out loud” is helpful? I’m not sure.

BUT, I had such a good time then when I do it next month, I think I’ll give it a try. And if you haven’t been to Scuppernong Books, you really should check it out! Leah and I got kombuchas, but they have coffee, tea, wine, beer, and advertise that they hold over 100 events a month. It’s these kind of things that make me miss my favorite independent bookstore, Powell’s in Oregon, the state in which I was born and raised. But Scuppernong’s is pretty close!

–Jeff and Leah (and previous post about Scuppernong’s here)

Powell’s is a glorious place — check it out if ever in OR!

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