In Brief: Trip to Denver, CO!

Leah and I went to Denver for my school’s spring break. It was a fun trip, and hopefully it explains why we haven’t posted much in the last week. Also, the trip nearly explains why I have a hurt back, as when reaching down to pick up my luggage, on the way to the airport, I threw it out. Bags are heavy, right? If you read the preceding sentence carefully, however, you might notice I didn’t throw out my back picking up my luggage, but threw it out as I bent over. Apparently this is a sign of getting old. But besides a bit of pain the trip was really a blast.

My sister is going to graduate school for library science in Denver. We went to meet her, and we got to see her college as well as a book archive where she works. My parents met us in the city, and together we did some hikes at Red Rocks and Lair of the Bear (what a neat name, right?), Leah and I did yoga, we toured both the Coors Brewery and Celestial Seasonings (the tea company, famous for Sleepy Time), we ate a lot of good food, and we went to a factory-turned-food-and-shopping-hall called The Source (I guess we have a thing for converted mills). The trip was a blast, and now that we are back and settled we’ll start writing about it very soon.

–Jeff and Leah

It was a bit like the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark

2 thoughts on “In Brief: Trip to Denver, CO!

  1. Miranda

    You forgot to mention Rudie came too! Isn’t my work awesome?!? Haha you also didn’t mention you experienced sun, wind, rain, and snow while here- Denver’s version of spring!

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