“Sebastián and Greta” Published in THE NORWEGIAN AMERICAN (608 words)

A few days ago The Norwegian American published a short story that I wrote: “Sebastián and Greta,” which you can read by clicking here. The Norwegian American is a somewhat particular publication, in that they focus on topics that are about Norway AND America. And it just so happens that I wrote a story about a Norwegian and an American (well, a South American… but it takes place in America) falling in love, so there you go.

Check their site out if you have time. I simply love the fact that the internet is so broad that there can be so many sites and other publications made around such “narrow” interests, and in general The Norwegian American doesn’t even focus on fiction. It’s more of a travel page, or “zine,” which National Geographic-like pictures, travel blog entries, write-ups on Norway-American immigration, etc. Since they came upon my radar I’ve really enjoyed all that they have to offer, and they gave my story an illustration; they have Norwegian and American art, too!

As for this story, I wrote the first draft when accompanying Leah to work one day. She used to travel for her previous job, which took her all over North Carolina, and one day I didn’t have school so I went with her in the car. I typed up “Sebastián and Greta” in a rural coffee shop, after realizing there could be something funny in the fact that “Ha ha” is generally typed “Ja ja” in Spanish. And that was that. Hope you enjoy, and if you’ve ever been to Norway, let us know; Leah and I have not but now we really want to go!

–Jeff and Leah

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