In Brief: Almost Done With Tennis (Coaching) Season

Tennis season is in full swing. Which explains why I haven’t been active on the blog in about two months—and much appreciation to Leah for holding down the fort! I’m primarily a high school English teacher, but teachers often coach, and I do enjoy my time out on the courts and in the sun. The only thing is that coaching is also a bit of a time commitment, and comes with many late nights, a lot of bus driving, and the odd bit of time spent cleaning up courts, which is also time to think of awful puns, like the one this post begins with.

We only have two weeks of the season left, so perhaps I should have opened by saying we’re nearly game, set, match. In North Carolina high school girls play in the fall, and boys in the spring, which is different than where I grew up (for both it was a spring sport). Our team has a great bunch of girls this year, and about the only negative thing I could say is that it is currently still HOT. Also, my yellow Converse shoes are now stained purple, because I brought the team popsicles and someone dripped a grape one onto the gear after we all changed our footwear. No biggy though!

Anyway, that is the brief update. Now soon to some story publication announcements! All the writing I did over the summer is finally starting to come due. Until then, keep cool, and if you see someone sweating out on the courts in unseasonably hot fall weather, think of us.

–Jeff and Leah


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