“DDS Confession” Published in A STORY IN 100 WORDS (100 words)

I wrote “DDS Confession” in my head while lost in the woods. You can read it by clicking here. Though I should put “wrote” in quotation marks, as well as “lost,” since I made this all in my head and because I knew my location that day—it was one those circumstances where the map’s scale was very misleading. I thought I would run about three miles, and instead I ended up doing about ten. Of course, I figured things out around mile five, exactly after which I stopped running, turned around, and started walking back.

It was a long morning.

ANYWAY, composing “DDS Confession” passed the time pretty well. And as for “inspiration,” I rather like dentists, but a relative of mine doesn’t, and used to go to a practice ran by someone he called “Dr. Big Hands.” I thought that was hilarious, and for years figured I should do something in the vein of the stories he’d tell me. And when lost in the woods, magic finally struck! So this is a drabble—exactly 100 words—made more for the challenge of it than for the money/prestige/awards (ha!). Please enjoy. Unless you hate dentists, and then I’d just say this little piece of writing should confirm ALL of your suspicions!

–Jeff and Leah

3 thoughts on ““DDS Confession” Published in A STORY IN 100 WORDS (100 words)

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