“Dangerous Words: A Drabble” Published in EUNOIA REVIEW (100 words)

A few days ago Eunoia Review published “Dangerous Words: A Drabble.” You can read it by clicking here. Now first things first, I say “a few days ago” because for some reason I can never keep track of when Eunoia Review publishes my things. They are based in Singapore, which is only a day ahead of North Carolina, and I used to live in Korea—I am used to adjusting days across the International Date Line. Still, with that said, this notice is about 72 hours late and I don’t know why I keep doing things in such a belated fashion. Oh well.

Second, I’ve written a few drabbles before. If you don’t know, they’re “stories” of 100 words or under, or of EXACTLY 100 words, if you’re getting super specific. I’ve come to love the challenge of writing under this constraint, and there are a lot of publications that specialize in drabbles. The most famous of them? The Drabble, which was the first place to publish a story of mine two years ago when I decided to write regularly. I like them a lot, as well as a publication that thumbs their nose 100 words—101 Words. If you were curious, here is that first drabble, and here is the most recent thing of mine that 101 Words accepted.

ANYWAY, there isn’t too much else to say about this little ditty. I got the idea when I was driving, and someone on the radio mentioned racial epithets, and at first I thought I heard them incorrectly (of course they didn’t make a mistake, just like how it’s my fault, not Eunoia Review’s fault, that I’m constantly late on publication notices). Now with that said, hope you enjoy and we’ll see if I can get the next notice up on time!

–Jeff and Leah

Not a bad contributor’s page, eh?

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