Our Fancy Christmas “Tree”

Our tree in all it’s glory (the “real” tree, pictured in the banner, is from last year — tricked you!)

It’s far enough after Thanksgiving to put up a Christmas tree, or “Christmas tree.” Yes, pictured is a corn plant, which I actually got at the biannual plant sale here in Greensboro a few months back. If you didn’t know, our neighboring city of High Point is the furniture capital of America/the world, and twice a year people from all over fly in to look at trendsetting North Carolina couches, tables, etc. Honestly, there is a good chance you or a relative has some High Point furniture at home. All of the pieces in various galleries are dressed with plants, and then after, the plants go for sale dirt-cheap.

The only problem with the plant sale is that most of the plants are huge. This corn plant is over six feet tall, and it was the runt of the litter, so to speak (once in a new pot, it clears seven feet easy). I drove it home buckled in to my car’s passenger seat, with the seat all the way back, and we both just barely survived the journey. ANYWAY, this year Leah and I decided to save a little money and not purchase a Christmas tree. We thought a decorated corn plant would be nice, and actually, I love it. The lights fit well, as do the ornaments, and if we burn a pine-scented candle you can’t really tell it’s different. Hope your tree decorating is going well!

–Jeff and Leah

At night — what a beautiful sight!

2 thoughts on “Our Fancy Christmas “Tree”

  1. Judy

    I used to always hit that after the furniture market plant sale and take home, yes, some big but beautiful plants for cheap. I also have decorated a jade plant in the past, so your corn plant makes a nice alternative to a Christmas tree, especially with a pine-scented candle! And thanks for remembering to buckle her up!! Y’all will be great parents!

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