Publication: “Yo Mama” in “Eunoia Review”

“Eunoia Review” published my story “Yo Mama” a few weeks ago. You can read it by clicking here, and yes, hopefully in the future I’ll get these notices out a lot quicker (can you tell the blog’s been a little behind—apologies!). I tried to get this story published four other times in a different form, and thankfully, it was always rejected. It’s funny, but this isn’t a perspective I think I would have had back in 2011 when I first starting sending fiction out and getting rejected. But now I think I have a lot better eye for what works, and for what doesn’t, and I’m glad I was able to take the time get this story up to snuff.

So anyway, it’s 539 words, which is a bit longer than what I’ve had published recently, though it’ll still only take you about two minutes to read. As for where this story came from… on this one I’m not really sure. The ending really cracks me up though, and as for the reviewers who wrote back telling me it was “nonsensical,” I guess I agree. But I hope the story is nonsensical in a good way. It probably isn’t good to read or think about your own stories and chuckle, but in my defense, I’m just about dad aged, and I’ve always thought the mark of a true “dad joke” was a joke that cracked up the joke teller more than anyone who listened to it. So anyway, it cracks me up.

About “Eunoia Review”—I really like these guys. They’ve published three of my stories now, and the people who run it are really nice. They publish short fiction, including a lot of poetry, every day, so they’re worth checking out constantly and I hope that they keep growing. Now, back to the subject of jokes; if you can’t tell from the title, this story is based around probably the most tried-and-true joke format of elementary and middle school. Even if you find the story overly nonsensical, I hope at least it brings back some good childhood memories. Now dare I say “post your favorite Yo Mamma joke below?” Cheers!

–Jeff and Leah

Here’s the type of jacket I’ll wear all day if I ever become a famous author

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