Publication: “Creativity School” in “Cleaver Magazine”

Earlier this month “Cleaver Magazine” published “Creativity School,” a piece of flash fiction that I wrote. You can read it by clicking on the link here. I’m not quite sure where the story came from, except that I woke one morning thinking it would be funny if a real-life student was transported into a Dr. Seuss school. Dr. Seuss is fun to read, and the illustrations in his books are wild, but if you actually had to go to school in the universe one his books creates I think as a student you’d probably go mad. And that strikes me as a bit funny, though also a bit sad, and since a story where someone goes mad is a downer I changed the ending.

Now, as for why I’m posting this “notice” so late (let’s not kid ourselves—this got published on September 5th, so my story is hardly “hot off the presses”), over the summer I switched schools and started coaching tennis. I love my new job, and I love being a coach, but making new curriculum and putting together practices and matches takes up a fair amount of time, though I also wouldn’t change either for the world. So the blog has been a little more recipes (great job, Leah!) and a little less writing about writing, but whatever—I’m sure it’ll sway more the other way come winter. And the recipes have been great.

If you were curious, I first sent this story off in February. It was accepted for publication on my birthday and published two months later, and this whole process is pretty typical in my experience. I have one more story that has been accepted, and I can’t wait to make a notice about it soon. Those times roughly reflect a pretty typical review/acceptance/publication time frame with how short story and flash fiction writing works, and I think if you wanted to know how the same process worked for novels, you cold multiply those times by three or four or ten. And now you know! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and it’s good to be back on the blog for a bit!

–Jeff and Leah

An actual school picture (graduation, if you couldn’t tell!)


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