Publication: “The Dentist’s Maxim” in Eunoia Review”

A couple days ago “Eunoia Review” published my flash fiction piece “The Dentist’s Maxim,” which you can read here. I wrote it about four months ago, after a trip to the dentist—not surprising, right? At about 200 words it should only take a minute to read, and hopefully you’ll find it funny. Also, “Eunoia Review” is a GREAT daily publisher of flash fiction, and they’re the ones who did my previous story “The Detective.” Now that they’ve published two of my stories I have a blurb on their “Contributors” page, which is neat, and they’re based in Singapore, which is even neater. Anyway, check them out.

Now if you were curious about the submissions process, here are some stats: I first sent this story off for publication, meaning I completed it, on February 18th, so about five months ago. It was rejected twice before being accepted, which is just about a record for me, as currently I have a story that’s been rejected fifty-five times (something I really don’t understand, because that story is hilarious—truly there’s no accounting for taste!). The time between “The Dentist’s Maxim” being accepted by “Eunoia Review” and it being published was thirteen days, and it’s the fourth piece of fiction I’ve had published in 2018.

I keep track of all my submission in an Excel file, and have since 2011. Sometimes entering and checking the data is a slog, but you have to keep track of these things or risk sending a story to the wrong place—a scifi piece to a literary fiction magazine, for example—or risk making the mistake of forgetting what is under review where. A few years ago I once sent a story to the same magazine twice, months apart, which is a pretty bad slip up. So if anyone was curious, those are the details for this short work, and though I won’t delve into stats too much in the future, I will make sure to if that fifty-five-times rejected story ever finds a home. Some day!

–Jeff and Leah

From my last trip to the dentist (remember when I got my salivary glands removed?)

2 thoughts on “Publication: “The Dentist’s Maxim” in Eunoia Review”

  1. Jacob Ketcham

    “No plaque” sounds like a cult chant. Also, I first read it as “no plague,” which immediately changed how I read the story the first time.

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