Publication: 100 Word “Detective” Piece in “Eunoia Review”

Today “Eunoia Review” published my very short story “The Detective.” You can read it here. Like the last time I got something published, calling this a story is probably a stretch—it’s under 100 words. Which means you should check it out—short and sweet! And hopefully you’ll find it funny. This “story” was also inspired by my sister and her current graduate school program, though to find out what she’s doing you’ll have to click on the link (spoiler: she isn’t a detective, and she isn’t murdering anyone!).

If you were curious, “eunoia” comes from Greek, meaning “beautiful thinking” or “well mind.” It’s the sense of goodwill an audience gets towards a speaker after that speaker speaks well. I like the people over at “Eunoia Review,” so it seems they have cultivated a sense of eunoia with me. Now, here’s something interesting: eunoia is the shortest word in the English language to have all five English vowels. Also, I always get “eunoia” mixed up with “ennui,” which is almost the opposite—the sense of listlessness you get from doing nothing. Hopefully reading this post has given you eunoia, not ennui, and hopefully you learned two fairly uncommon words, too!

–Jeff and Leah

Brother and sister in question (and some… Starbucks garbage–oops!)

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