In Brief: Double Double-Yolked Eggs!

Yesterday I made scrambled eggs. My eggs were blue, because I bought heirloom Andean blue eggs. Or at least that’s what they called themselves on the package, and though I cannot confirm the eggs actually came from the Andes, I can confirm that on the outside they were blue. But more importantly, I CRACKED OPEN MY FIRST EGG AND IT HAD TWO YOLKS! It was double-yolked! I started yelling “WHOA! WHOA!” which scared Leah, who was on the coach reading as I cooked—I think she thought I set something on fire at first.

After a fair amount of internet research (about two minutes), I found that a double yolk happens ever thousand eggs or so. On one hand, I can believe this, because I’ve probably cracked a thousand eggs in my lifetime and this was a first. On the other hand, while the second egg I cracked was normal, THE THIRD EGG ALSO HAD A DOUBLE YOLK! So should I now play the lottery? Or, should I start buying more heirloom Andean blue eggs, because I REALLY want to see if this happens again? My suspicion is that these eggs have a higher rate of being double yolked, but there is only one way to find out. Guess more scrambled eggs it is!

–Jeff and Leah

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