In Brief: Olive Oil Soap Smells Like Olive Oil

A few weeks ago we bought some olive oil soap. This stuff amazes me, because it is made with oil, yet it removes the same from my skin. Soap is a surfactant. It is composed of hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts, and without getting too technical, it works because some of the lather sticks to the oil on your skin while some of it sticks to the water. Then everything can be washed away. I know all soaps are made of fats (thanks Fight Club), but the thing is this olive oil soap smells like olive oil. Also, it tastes like olive oil if you lick it, which is wild.

I wouldn’t call the taste pleasant, but I wouldn’t call it unpleasant either. I happen to like olive oil, and as mentioned before, if you aren’t using it on your popcorn you’re doing popcorn wrong. Besides making my skin feel smooth, this soap is a lovely reminder of my favorite snack. Also, once or twice when I was younger my grandparents made my sister and I wash our mouths out with soap if we cussed. This makes me wonder… if we had this soap back then, would my sister and I have cussed more? Which all just goes to show, though you shouldn’t at all do that Tide Pod nonsense, perhaps it isn’t quite as new as would seem at first glance.

Anyway, I first bought the soap after seeing this video on traditional olive oil soap making. Now the stuff in the video is ordered and on its way—update coming soon.

–Jeff and Leah

The soap in question, after we used about half of it (the original bar was LARGE)

3 thoughts on “In Brief: Olive Oil Soap Smells Like Olive Oil

  1. Barbara McBryde

    The video was mesmerizing. Somehow, I want to help them work more easily. If only the vat were above the curing room and there could be a pipe in the bottom that could be opened to release the contents. That is only the beginning. I can even! “We’ve always done it that way” springs to mind. Please let us know how wondrous this soap is!


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