In Brief: Snow Days!

Concerning the last mini-post on snow, we ended up getting enough to shut down school for three days. Surprise! I measured at the mill and we had about six inches, which fits well with a map I found online. I’m going to call this eight in Oregon snow-inches, or twelve and a half in Massachusetts snow-inches (note: all figures here are estimates). Interestingly, it seems the nearby city of Climax, NC got the most snow in the Piedmont area. There’s also a city called “High Point,” but go figure—they didn’t get much at all.

Leah and I spent almost the entire day indoors. She got to work from home, and I spent my time grading and filling out teaching licensure paperwork. When we did venture out to get some things from my car we wore the mittens pictures below. I found these on Etsy and bought them for Leah last year. Yes, they’re couple’s mittens; two regular mittens with a conjoined mitten for the middle. We wore them once last year at Leah’s mom’s house, and as we were walking down the street at man yelled out that we were “awful” and “disgusting.” So that’s how we spent our snow day, being awful and disgusting. It was great.

–Jeff and Leah

Quiz: where’s the third hand?

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