In Brief: First Snow Day

Tonight there’s a good chance of snow. School is cancelled for me, and Leah brought her stuff home just in case—not that things will get very white. In our short time in North Carolina I’ve observed two different reactions to snow closures. The first is incredulity: “Businesses shut down over a light dusting? Ridiculous!” The second is the opposite, though with people thinking being out in even a light dusting of snow is the ridiculous thing. Strangely, it seems the born-and-raised North Carolinians are the ones who think snow should be overcome, while the transplants are the ones who think more rationally.

“They don’t have snowplows down here, so of course a closure makes sense!” goes the train of thought. Or perhaps that is simply how they rationalize it? In either case, the only thing I’m not sure about is why there isn’t big snow infrastructure down here. The below picture of me (I had a great photographer) was taken from our last snow day at the mill. Leah and I haven’t lived here a year yet, but school has been cancelled twice now. Still, a snow day is a snow day and I’ll take it. Just shhhhh on the fact that the school will have to make it up at the end of the year….

–Jeff and Leah (edit: the snow had a bigger impact than initially thought!)

The bridge going over the creek out back

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